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the Process

The Doeden Slat Replacement Process has been well thought out -- each step has been made efficient through the use of unique equipment designed to be labor saving.

the Doeden Slat Replacement Process -- patent pending...

The Slat Carrier is mounted on a skidloader or telehandler.  The Slat Carrier has a manual lever to lock in the concrete slat with metal fingers.  The wheels of the Slat Carrier can be rotate 90 allowing it to go through a standard 30" door.  Once inside the door -- the wheels are turned back into position.  The Slat Carrier needs only to move back and forth. These wheels serve as a support for the weight of the machine and slat.  The Slat Carrier can rotate a 2200# slat 90 with the push of a button.



The Hog Slat Carrier swivels 90 degrees to allow hog slats to be easiy brought in through standard doors.

The Mule is a lightweight cart capable of hauling a 2200# slat with ease.  It features an easy-grip handle and swivel wheels -- allowing it to pull like a wagon.  The narrow design allows the mule to slip perfectly into position when lowering concrete slats from the Slat Carrier.  


The Mule is a specially designed tool for carrying and positioning hog slats.

The design of the Mule's lowered middle section allows the hooks and other attachments of the Doeden Slat Replacer to be easily positioned on the concrete slats.

The 20" height of the mule requires only a 5" elevation of the DSR when loading slats into place.  The Mule is the link between the Slat Carrier & Slat Replacer.



The Mule allows the Doeden Slat Replacer to easiy pick up new hog slats before they are set on the beams.


The Doeden Slat Replacer is the main machine in the Doeden Slat Replacement Process.  The DSR folds down to a 28" width.  This allows the machine to enter a building through a standard 30" door.  Once inside the building the DSR unfolds into a working position which is 10' in diameter.  The DSR distributes its weight so that there is no more pressure on the floor than with a normal pen of pigs.  Using the uniquely designed attachments, the Doeden Slat Replacer can lift & change slats and beams with little effort.   The Doeden Slat Replacer or DSR is shown here in the folded position.  This unique design allows the machine to enter a building through a standard walk in door opening.

The Doeden Slat Replacer's telescoping boom can extend an additional 6' allowing you to easily reach corners and outside edges.

The Doeden Slat Replacement System combines the Slat Carrier, Mules, and Doeden Slat Replacer (DSR) to provide a labor saving solution to the task of slat replacement. The system is designed to operate with speed and safety in mind.

  The DSR shown here is extended into working position thereby allowing the weight to be distributed across a large area.