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the benefits

The Doeden Slat Replacement System provides a proven method of replacing worn slats while saving time and money.  It is a completely new way to solve a nagging problem for hog producers.


promotes worker safety


Worker safety is improved by providing a shorter time frame in the hog buildings and removing much of the manual labor from the slat replacement process.

The risks involved during the replacement process are reduced dramatically by:

1) reducing the time spent in the building

2) allowing the machines to handle many of the tasks normally done by hand

3) distributing the weight of machinery across a large area


eliminates tear down


The producer saves time and money with a quick turnaround on hog building refurbishments.  The Doeden Slat Replacment process turns a long grueling process into a one week automated project.


The Doeden Slat Replacement System does not require that the building be torn open or the roof peeled off to remove the worn slats.

New materials and labor to repair the building shell are saved.  The equipment all rolls in through a standard door opening.



saves time... saves money!


The Doeden Slat Replacement System saves your customer's money by reducing down time during the replacement process. A 400' building can be completely changed out in less than five days. Your customers won't miss their next batch of animals during the changeover!


hands on training provided

  Shown here is the telescoping arm of the Doeden Slat Replacer.  Hands on training is provided to ensure the safety and efficiency of operators who purchase a Doeden Slat Replacement System.
Those who purchase a Doeden Slat Replacement System will be provided training on the proper operation and safety features of each component in the system.

Our training facility in Slayton, MN will give you the opportunity to learn to efficiently use the system -- learning from the team that designed and developed this revolutionary process.