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The creative ability and determination of one man has resulted in a unique system that meets an important need in the agricultural construction marketplace.

realizing the need


About 6 years ago, Kenny Doeden was working in the concrete construction business when he saw a need for replacing slats.


He saw a number of problems associated with the way slats were being changed at that time. 

  1. There was damage done to the building

  2. There was lost income from the lack of animals being produced during renovations

  3. There was significant expense to  the building owners due to the labor intensive task of changing slats




three years in the making


Kenny considered alternatives and machines that could assist with the job.  After three years of planning Kenny and his sons set out to build a new machine to revolutionize the slat replacement process.


Through determination, trial and error, and many modifications the Doeden Slat Replacement System emerged.  The system is not one machine as originally planned, but three machines working together to make the process more efficient.